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Composer or : How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Task Runner in PHP

Posted on mai 30, 2016 in Code (web)

I started a project with PHP (which I like !) ! I was full of hope to come back to my first language. With new approach from scala or javascript I though that I could produce better code with PHP. So I started to make a structure with documentation, unit tests, git, everything I though good for a large scale project. Then, I search for a task runner (It helps me a lot with scala and javascript).

I first looked at tasks runners already integrated to PHPStorm and I found... nothing ! nothing ? so there is no big PHP task runner ? As I looked at google results I found out that many peoples comes with the same disillusions.

There is task runners in PHP like robo or bldr but there is no big one. Solutions in PHP complicated and not really mature when you leave Symfony or other big frameworks with integrated consoles. So what to do ?

At that precise moment, I remember a project where I only use npm scripts as task runner. After all, Javascript, or PHP are scripting languages ! So let's script my tasks in PHP ! Do you know that composer can do that ? I didn't ! So let's see how things works with composer :).